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Chasing Mavericks. A morning with big wave riders and seals.

MAVERICKS, California - USA

It was the day after the famous Titans of Mavericks surf contest when I got there.

I woke up at 4am in the morning, and from Berkeley it took less than hour to get to the tiny parking lot close to the most renowned big waves surf spot. There were just only two cars other than mine. It was dark and in the car closed to mine two big wave riders were getting ready to chase Mavericks. They were going to risk their life and they looked so relaxed!!! I was impressed.

We talked a little bit and I told them my intentions: taking photos of surf heroes riding Mavericks big waves. They got ready and in the meanwhile I packed my camera, my tripod and the additional camera to take my shots. I was exited.

I got to the spot. WOW... The line up was freaking far away and I had just only a 200mm lens with me... but in any case it was invisible and hided by a tick fog covering all the area.

The fog abandoned the spot after 3-4 hours... and the monsters appeared! They were huge. 20 to 30 ft waves! And they were so far away but even without fog the action was so far away, but I did not give up. These are some of the shots I took, but next time (at the first swell coming..) I will be there with telescope!!!!!!!!

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