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Something analog. Something nostalgic

Even if many film manufacturers are discontinuing lots of their products and digital cameras are everyday more powerful, analog photography has still lot to give to visual arts.

Some nostalgia exists, sure! Handling a film instead of an SD card gives very different feelings. Knowing that your film is forever and that your card will be formatted after the download make the game a little bit more romantic.

But it is not only a matter of nostalgia. You can do whatever trick you want on Photoshop, you can be a black belt in post production, but the dynamic range of a film, in particular B&W, and the sensitivity in the whites it is something not yet achieved by DSLRs.

...And I still shot film ... and digital too...

My recent "vintage", nostalgic, analog shot! What better than a Ghost Town!?

#photo #gambling #stockphoto #lucaboveri #BW #blackandwhite #boveri #photography #film

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